Milan, Italy – MILAN FASHION WEEK |9/20/18 – 9/23/18

I am so thankful that I am living in Italy in general but extremely lucky to be here while fashion month is happening. I decided to head to Milan for the weekend during official Milan Fashion Week to check everything out and see if I could get into any shows or events. Milan is about an hour and a half train ride from Florence so after class on Thursday afternoon I headed there immediately.

I learned so much on this trip about fashion week and myself and was constantly inspired by outrageously chic, and extraordinary street style.


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outfit details : faux leather pants : Nasty Gal (similar) | shoes : H&M (similar) | top : Zara (similar) | bag : Prada (similar)


For my first Milan Fashion Week outfit, I went for an edgy, bohemian vibe. I love the flowy rust colored dress mixed with the harsh black accents. The lightweight fabric of this midi was absolutely necessary for the sweltering heat we encountered on this day. I would have preferred to carry a black purse but for this fit but, I chose function over fashion and needed some more storage in my bag of choice.

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outfit details : dress : Sofi Firenze (similar) | boots : H&M (similar) | hat : Target (similar) | belt : (similar)

Our first full day in Milan, we headed out for the city centre where the famous Milan Cathedral, or Milano Duomo, is located. Since we weren’t invited to any shows or events we kind of just relaxed and tooled around Milan. We stumbled upon an event that Vogue Italia was putting on near the Brera district and that was free to the public. They were showcasing student fashion designers’ creations in a showroom type setting. It was really unique to see young artists’, like myself, work.

Later, we found the official list of showtimes and locations and basically just stood around outside and pretended to look like we knew what we were doing. Street style photographers shot us in our outfits and I even got interviewed by Amazon Prime’s only fashion network, FNL.


My second and most favorite look I wore for Milan Fashion week is the one below. I am obsessed with the monochrome color suit look. If you know me, or have been following me for a while, you know that I love black and neutrals but have been trying to branch out. This corduroy suit was one of my best Zara finds to date. It’s bold and makes me feel confident. I was determined to wear this to MFW despite the hot weather but thankfully it did cool down a bit and we had a nice breeze.

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outfit details : blazer : Zara (similar) | pants : Zara (similar) | shoes : Fila Disruptor II| bag : Prada (similar) | top : (similar)

These photos I took the night before because of how excited I was about my yellow suit. AAANNDDDD the hotel I stayed at (Hotel Cinque Giornate) had matching curtains so I couldn’t say no to a self timer photoshoot!

During day 2 of MFW, we had a more relaxed day and just enjoyed Milan. We did wait outside of one show and got photographed which was nice and it was so inspiring to see others’ street style. This trip has made me want to restart my whole wardrobe, yet again.


I’ve worn this pink python jumpsuit from Free People so so many times before but Milan has never seen it so I brought her back out! Outfit repeater always.

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outfit details : jumpsuit : Free People (similar) | shoes : Fila Disruptor II| bag : Prada (similar) | top : Brandy Melville (similar)

If you plan on going to a fashion capitol during fashion week, my best advice to you is to be bold; not only in your style but in the way you act and present yourself. Obviously the way you dress is extremely important, I mean it is fashion week, but if you present yourself as a confident individual who seems to know what they’re doing (even if you don’t) you will be noticed by others.

Don’t be shy to ask the person at the door if there is any way you can watch the show or if they need volunteers or really anything at all. Talk to photographers and reporters and, this sounds bad, but shove your name down peoples throats. Name recognition is one of the most important things in the fashion industry and you should be confident in telling people who you are. I handed out so many business cards to people because you never know who someone is going to be.

Another random thing you can do is pretend to be a photographer or reporter. I did this and after I took a photo of someone, I briefly introduced myself and gave them my card. Like I said, you never know who you’re going to meet.

I learned a lot about myself and my passion on this trip and although I didn’t get into any shows, I now know more of what to expect and what to do better hopefully next time I have an opportunity like this.

xx Bella

Pink Going Out Dress

Hello hello!

I shot this look almost two months ago and these photos have just been sitting in my drafts and I totally forgot about them!

I wore this pink jacquard dress once to a formal and felt the need to style it for more of a casual, going out look. Pairing almost any “one time” event dress with a leather jacket and boots or booties makes for a whole new outfit! I added a hat to give it a touch of personal style and my everyday rings and accessories give it the perfect edge.

xx Bella

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dress : Nasty Gal (similar) | jacket : CiSono (similar) | boots : Target (similar)

In the Garden

Happy Saturday! I am obsessed with these photos shot by photographer and fellow fashion blogger Abby Liudahl! I have a whole folder of drafted blog posts and this was the last in line but definitely one of my favorites so I sped up the process and posted it today!

This outfit is simple yet whimsical and can be worn all day long. It’s extremely comfortable and put together with a bohemian flare. The white blouse makes it sophisticated while the snakeskin heels and vintage gold coin earrings keep it fun and youthful.

Hope you enjoy these photos!

xx Bella

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photographer : Abby Liudahl

blouse : Forever 21 (similar) | skirt : Etiquette Boutique (similar) | shoes : similar | earrings : Vintage (similar)

Florence, Italy 12/31/17 – 1/1/18

Firenzi!! Florence was our next stop on our Europe trip! Florence is one of my favorite cities ever and it was so good to be back! It was insanely crowded but that didn’t take away from the amazing atmosphere here.

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jacket : Marshalls (similar) | pants : thrifted (similar) | shoes : Steve Madden (similar)

Florence has some of the best shopping in the world. Of course there are the high end designers but the best stores are the random small ones throughout the smaller streets. Clothes and things are inexpensive and so unique. Soon to be huge fashion trends hit these stores early.

Happy New Year’s Eve! I wore this velvet, glittery jumpsuit from Zara on Christmas but specifically bought it for New Years so here it is again. This is easily one of the best jumpsuits I’ve ever purchased!

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jumpsuit : Zara (similar) | shoes : H&M (similar)

Our New Years Eve celebrations consisted of going to an amazing Italian (of course) dinner followed by watching fireworks above the Ponte Vecchio. Florence is wild on this night, people just love blowing up fireworks. This city is so alive!


First day of the new year and we woke up to rain and that for some reason, was such a peaceful way to start off 2018. Below I am wearing a coat that my uncle got for me here in Florence! It is my new favorite thing I own because it is so different from anything I’ve seen. This store has some of the most unique pieces and it’s definitely one I’ll head back to again!

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coat : Dixie | jeans : Lee Jeans | hat : Target | shoes : Steve Madden (similar)

Today we walked around the city a bit but it was raining so not as much walking as the previous day. We had a private tour of Palazzo Medici which was actually really interesting. I usually prefer self guiding myself through a museum but or tour guide pointed things out that I would have never learned on my own. The palace was gorgeous. It’s so crazy that it still looks the way it does even with how old it is.

I have wanted to study abroad for my whole life and 2018 is the year I believe I will do it. I was torn between attending a school in Milan or a school in Florence. After visiting both cities back to back I thin that studying abroad in Florence is my best bet so we went by the school! It was closed because of the holiday but it made me really happy. There are so many good things coming in 2018!

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We finished off Florence by going to my family’s apartment they were staying at and my aunt cooked us all dinner. I’m really glad I got to see all of them, especially here in Europe!

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#KCFW S/S’18 Thursday Night Runway Show

This post has been EXTREMELY delayed and I can’t apologize enough for it. However, school has been taking over my life and that right now it my top priority. I finally got some free time now that it’s my Thanksgiving break to write up my Kansas City Fashion Week recaps (thank God)!

During this event I was interview by Tara Logan for Kansas City Fashion Week’s official Facebook page. This was kind of nerve-wracking since I have never done an on camera interview before but I hope that I did okay! You can watch my interview HERE and Tara’s YouTube video recap HERE.


Syke Brand

Skye Brand focused on the terrible and ongoing issue of sex trafficking. Models were bound by ropes at the hands to make a statement that victims of sex trafficking are trapped. The finale model broke free of the ropes, which was somewhat of a light into the end of sex trafficking. This was a very powerful collection and gave me and probably others, much to think about. Overall, I loved the concept to raise awareness about something that is so relevant in today’s society through art.

Rebekah Lux

Rebekah Lux was one of my favorites from this night. When it comes to statement pieces, I am team metallic all the way. Her pieces were so much fun and had so much life and energy to each and every one of them. Her look featuring pink metallic culottes was by far my favorite in this collection. I am so inspired by everything that she created.

Naava Swim

Naava Swim gave me so many Miami Swim Week Vibes. Every piece was different but the collection was still cohesive as a whole and I LOVED the blues and yellows. The models looked amazing and showed so much personality on the runway.

Designs by Miranda Hanson

This collection was absolutely gorgeous! It was so airy and feminine and the details were beautiful. I am in love with the color palette, as some of my favorite shades are pastels. Each look flowed well in the entirety of the collection.


Dous was another one of my favorite designers because I am such a huge menswear fan. I talk about how much I like menswear all of the time and this collection made me so happy. It was very street style-esque and the graphics added a nice touch and kept all the looks together. There were also a few womenswear looks which were kept on the androgynous side. Lots of denim and heavier fabrics were used, probably to keep the clothing more wearable and practical.

Travis Cal

Travis Cal’s collection was just a lot of fun. I enjoyed the mix of women and menswear  along with the variety. The whole thing was romantic and full of texture; there were sequins, florals, lace and prints.

Kendra J Bridal

It’s definitely more difficult for me to discuss bridal gowns because that is not in my area of focus but watching these dresses go down the runway made my heart so happy. Each one had so much detail and was totally stunning. My favorites were most definitely the ones that had lace overlays.


My mom just handed down this two piece set from the 70s and I had to break it out for fashion week! The pink was a bit girly so I edged it up with a black satin bomber worn off the shoulder and some fishnets.


set : vintage (similar) | jacket : Forever 21 | hat : Target | shoes : Marshall’s (similar) | fishnets : ASOS

photographer – Jason Atherton (Facebook)