Yellow Pop

I am beyond excited to finally be sharing the last outfit that I shot with Madi Dombrowski because it is my favorite out of the three. See the first look here, and the second here.

I am about to start my sophomore year at Stephens College and I am really excited about it. I really found myself this past year not only in style but on the inside as well. Style does plays a huge role on who you are and it definitely is starting to shape me as a person. This year I plan to take risks; not only fashion risks but life risks as well. My goal is to explore more, try new things and meet new people. Life is all about experiences and I want to fill this next year with lots of them. Something I also want to focus on is being my best self and not comparing myself to others. This is the key to confidence, and with confidence you can do it all.

This all sounds kind of cheesy but these are real things that are important to me and I can’t wait to follow these goals to live my best life.

Yellow tinted sunglasses have been all the rage this Summer and after I bought this pair I understood why; they make this outfit. This outfit is the right amount of everything. The flowy pants make it carefree but the denim jacket and sneakers edge it up a bit and add some structure.

I hope this post gives off at least some inspiration. I have a lot planned so stay tuned.

xx Bella


jacket : Urban Outfitters (similar) | pants : Vintage (similar) | top : Brandy Melville (similar) | sunglasses : Nordstrom (different color) | shoes : Nike | belt : Vintage (similar)

photographer : Madi Dombrowski (Instagram)

Pink Bodysuit

Hey everyone! I feel like all of my blog posts lately have been featuring more high-end designers and thought that I should break it up a bit by featuring some more affordable pieces.

This bodysuit is currently my favorite clothing item right now. It is perfect for a night out and actually fits my 6-foot-self! I love the deep v for layering up on delicate necklaces. I styled it with a black denim lace up skirt and black booties. However, it would also look cute with light-washed jeans and sandals.

xx Bella


bodysuit : Etiquette Boutique – (extremely similar) | skirt : Kendall & Kylie via Pacsun (similar) | earrings : Gorjana | necklace : Etiquette Boutique – (similar) | boots – Rebecca Minkoff (similar)

stylist / creative director / model – Bella Lightner

photographer – Rian Stallbaumer

Elephant in the Room

As many of you know, I love to collaborate with brands and desginers on blog posts! I had the honor of collaborating with Christie Nelson of AnnMann Designs. Her pieces are full of detail so I chose to keep this look simple to focus on that.

These pieces are from her S/S’17 collection that was shown at Kansas City Fashion Week last fall. Her collection was inspired by endangered species and each model represented a different animal. Below are some photos shot by Sara Clance and I am wearing the elephant inspired pieces from that collection.

Kansas City Photographer (15)Kansas City Photographer (18)Kansas City Photographer (17)Kansas City Photographer (16)Kansas City Photographer (14)

jewelry : AnnMann Designs (Facebook)| top : Zara (similar) | jeans : Zara (similar)

stylist / creative director / model – Bella Lightner

photographer – Sara Clance (Facebook) 

#KCFW F/W’17 Friday Night Runway Show

I had such a great time at the Friday night runway showing of Kansas City Fashion Week. It was a sold out show which is so awesome! The designs last night were all so unique and I loved how different each collection was. I’m really looking forward to seeing the last night of designers this evening!

Make it all the way through this post to see my full look!

xx Bella

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Joshua Christensen

All the way from Los Angeles, California, Joshua Christensen came to Kansas City to show his collection. He was on season nine of Project Runway! Joshua’s collection was so unique. He used many different colors and patterns but keeping the aesthetic consistent. I will always automatically love a collection that features both womens and menswear.

Ethel and Dean

This children’s collection made my heart melt. The models were not only adorable, but looked awesome in these clothes! Military style vibes were definitely given off.

Julia Fischer

This collection surprised me a lot. I never knew a holographic pattern would pair well with such muted, warm tones. I liked each look individually but wasn’t sure about how cohesive everything would be when put together as a whole until the finale walk came out. I was so shocked at how well each look vibed together. It was so different than anything I have seen.

Nasheli Juliana

OKAY. The whole time that this collection was walking down the runway, I had major goosebumps. A Catholic, Pope, Holy, etc. inspired fashion line?! I am obsessed. This was something I have seriously never seen before and I am so blown away by it. The clothing was minimal and extremely structured but the details made this so beautiful and personal. Each model came down carrying a rosary and their fingers were painted gold. As a big religious art fan, you could say obsessed with this collection is an understatement.

Lauren Bander

Lauren Bander is a Kansas City Fashion Week star. She’s shown in so many! This collection, you could tell, had a lot of emotion. It started out with all black pieces and they looks gradually had more white in them, to full white looks, to a LIGHT UP DRESS. The second to last look was leaving the runway and the lights went off and model Kiera Nordike strutted out in a white gown with lights on it. So beautiful and a crowd favorite.


Andrea Marie Long Designs

Andrea Long is an amazing designer, talented human, and sweetheart. I love this woman. Her collection was stunning. You can never go wrong with velvet- and velvet jewel tones?! Yes. This lady never fails to amaze me.


I was so happy after watching this collection. Tiffany Brown was inspired by old New York and I definitely felt like these clothes totally encompassed that. I am so glad that these styles are coming back for it was such a beautiful, and elegant time for fashion.

Queens Rocket

Menswear!! If you know me, you will know that I LOVE menswear and pull a lot of my own outfit inspiration from it. This collection was a good mix of pieces. I mainly shot the more rugged looks because that’s what caught my eye the most. All of the different textures mixed together was seriously so cool.


This look is kind of a combination of all of my favorite pieces that I own. I was iffy about combining such a bohemian top with these edgy culottes but I think that my double breasted belt made the two pieces flow together nicely. These photos, yet again, were taken by the amazing Sara Clance in the most beautiful area. I am so excited about the mix between this outfit and the location.

Kansas City Photographer (2)Kansas City Photographer (5)Kansas City Photographer (4)Kansas City Photographer (6)Kansas City Photographer (3)-2Kansas City Photographer (7)

top : Dillard’s (similar) | pants : Bloomingdales (similar) | bralette : Free People | shoes : Rebecca Minkoff | earrings : It’s A Beautiful Day

stylist / creative director / model – Bella Lightner

photographer – Sara Clance (Facebook)

#KCFW F/W’17 Thursday Night Runway Show

The second night of runway shows at Kansas City Fashion Week was incredible. There were some returning designers along with some new ones. I saw so much variety last night and loved each and every second of it!

with PR / Marketing Manager – Kelsie O’Brien

Make sure you make it all the way through this blog post to see the street style that I shot, along with the jacket by Munelle de Vie that caused a mob of people to swarm around me!

With Adriele Dixon of

xx Bella

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Roger Figueroa

Roger Figueroa is one of the sweetest human beings alive and beyond talented. His collection was incredible. Each look was androgynous featuring both womenswear and menswear. Color-wise, everything was neutral; black and gray mostly. Very chic, very New York (Roger’s future city). Something that really caught my eye were the accessories on the models fingers. I don’t want to say rings because these things are way cooler than your basic ring. Overall I am so amazed by Roger and his collection.

Wiki Wang

This collection mainly featured solid, primary colors – red, blue and also white. These pieces were so simple which is what made them so elegant. Each look had beautiful movement while coming down the runway. Very wearable and flattering.

Amanda Casarez

Amanda Casarez’s collection was so unique and something I have never seen before. She mixed lots of different textures together giving off a relaxed, bohemian vibe. The colors were stunning and each piece is fashionable but still (at least looks) comfortable.

Madyssen Jean

Inspired by Alexander McQueen and Chanel, Madyssen Jean’s collection gave off a dark, romantic aesthetic. Black and red were the main colors used in various textures and patterns. What stood out to me most were the heartbreaking sayings on some of the pieces. They really gave this collection emotion and I could really connect with it closer.

Lee Jeans

Lee Jeans is one of Kansas City Fashion Week’s great sponsors this season! The looks that went down the runway all featured some sort of denim from Lee, whether that be jeans or a skirt, etc. Each outfit was stylish and up with the current trends.

Noelle Designs

The designer behind this collection is 16 years old! I love seeing the talent in young designers, its unbelievable. This line was contemporary at first and gradually got more formal as each look went down the runway. She used white and black for the first few pieces and then gold started to appear towards the last few looks.

Crystal Brakhage Designs

Black and gold were the two main colors used in this collection. I loved the detailed textures on the pieces. The way the fringe-like texture flowed was mesmerizing.

More Than Just Figleaves (Clothing) Erin Paige (Jewelry)

I LOVED this designer collaboration so much. The clothing was so unique. Each look was entirely different from each other but all of them together was a cohesive line. The jewelry and clothing together was the most amazing combination. I got Rocky Mountain vibes from this collection. Everything from the clothes, to the jewelry, to even the music…I felt as if I was taking a hike in Colorado.


If you didn’t see my post covering Wednesday night of KC Fashion Week, here, I have been covering street style. I think that there are so many creative, stylish people here in Kansas City and they need to be recognized.

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**also – if you see yourself and are not credited, feel free to shoot me an email at and I would be more than happy to edit in your name and info along with your photo!


Never in my life have I had so many people approach me to ask about my outfit. This jacket is designed by Munisa of Munelle de Vie. Everything about this piece is so beautiful. This jacket alone makes such a statement so I decided to keep the rest of the outfit simple by pairing it with a plain, black midi dress. I am so content about the positive feedback that this outfit received and am very grateful that I got to represent this brand at KCFW.

Kansas City Photographer (20)Kansas City Photographer (21)Kansas City Photographer (29)Kansas City Photographer (25)Kansas City Photographer (27)Kansas City Photographer (24)

jacket : Munelle de Vie | dress : H&M | shoes : Rebecca Minkoff

stylist / creative director / model – Bella Lightner

photographer – Sara Clance (Facebook)