Rich Apparels X RayGun 2017

Hey! I had the pleasure of attending the Rich Apparels launch event at RayGun at First Fridays in Kansas City the other day. Four of the shirts from the new Rich Apparels collection became available at RayGun the other day and the whole collection launched online today, here!


Rich Apparels was started, by designer Roosevelt, in 2014. He started this clothing brand to help kids who are picked on for being less fortunate. His goal was to create clothing that gives people confidence and to inspire them to chase their dreams and turn them into realities.

“Being rich to me is feeling confident, not taking ‘no’ as an answer, and spreading love and positivity.” Rich Apparels ignores social norms and stands for diversity.


To shop his new collection click here! I love the message this brand carries and the clothing is awesome and can be both dressed up or down. Also be sure to follow Rich Apparels on Instagram!

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