27 Club

There is something really special to me about this denim vest. I have always had a love for Jimi Hendrix and there is something about him that interests me. When I saw this Levi, denim vest at Kansas City consignment shop, Arizona Trading Co., I didn’t think twice about buying it. On the back of the vest is an illustration of Hendrix and honestly, it looks like someone hand-painted it.

What makes this really special, and kinda scary, to me is that while trying this on, I found a white Bic lighter in the pocket. The whole “27 Club” thing is peculiar to me as well as the white lighter myth that goes along with it. I’m sure someone did this as a joke but I’m gonna tell myself otherwise.


vest – Levi’s (found at Arizona Trading Co.) | jeans – Current/Elliott | top – Zara | booties – Rebecca Minkoff

stylist / creative director / model – Bella Lightner

photographer – Cinthya Navarro


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